Learn all about the periodic inspection of your gas appliances

Carrying out a periodic review of the internal installation of natural gas and household gas appliances is mandatory and is required by the Energy and Gas Regulation Commission, CREG.

The regulation establishes that the responsibility for safety lies directly with the users of the service, who must carry out the revision in periods not exceeding 5 years, that is, between 55 to 60 months from the last revision carried out or the gas being put into service.

For this, the user can choose, in addition to Gas Natural Fenosa, an inspection body accredited by the National Accreditation Body ONAC and endorsed by the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce SIC.

The purpose of the review is to verify the correct operation of the internal installation of the natural gas service, from the measurement center to the installed gas appliances to guarantee safe conditions of use.

This process seeks to confirm the absence of gas leaks, nor the presence of carbon monoxide, a highly toxic gas produced by poor combustion when ventilation is lacking or when gas appliances are not working in optimal conditions and which can cause death.

In case of finding critical defects, the technician must carry out the preventive suspension of the service and notify the distribution company. To repair defects, it is necessary for the client to choose a firm registered with the SIC and verify that the technician has the current labor competence certification.

When the body confirms the correct repair carried out by the firm selected by the client, it issues the certificate or report of results in which it is stated that the installation complies with the technical standards; This must be sent by the organization to the distribution company, in order to avoid the suspension of the service.

For the safety of the customer, when a gas appliance change is made or the internal gas installation is modified, you must contract the Preliminary Review, which also seeks to verify that the changes made comply with the safety conditions required by Colombian regulations.

The preventive suspensions of the service are carried out in case of:

Failure to carry out the Review, within the established deadlines.
Failure to send the Certificate of Conformity to the distributor within the maximum time established.
Identification of critical defects in the facilities or non-compliance with current regulations.
Do not be fooled

Since there have been cases in which natural gas firms pose as Gas Natural Fenosa to enter the homes to perform the inspection and make improper charges, we recommend that you keep in mind the Customer Service Line 307 81 21, at where you can resolve concerns regarding the review.

  • Posted by: Javier Cortés